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Walk-through of examining existing XAML Code Snippets, the process of writing a new one and getting it loaded, and providing a "Grid" snippet.

I had a need to save the Telerik PersistenceFramework data to the database rather than ISO. There's a few moving parts and not a lot of web-assistance. The code isn't difficult, just a tad difficult to find a good reference so I did my own.

Introductory tutorial on building your very first Silverlight Application.

Fighting a problem I've had for quite a while with my home workstation, I crippled the Silverlight logo and only allow it to rotate twice per page refresh, and the problem seems to have cleared up. Read on to see what I'm talking about.

Let the mind wander and you come up with stuff... I don't know how many people actually use (buy?) a mobile phone app 'flashlight', but here's a freebie delivered with the device

Playing around with MainpulationModes in Metro, figuring out how to move UIElements in a controlled manner

I removed the clutter from the right-hand sidebar of my MasterPage by using Metabuilders ExpandingButtons control.

Another Legacy article in C++, this one recompiled in VS2005 explains how to sync your text extents in a derived MFC CListBox control. Included is an explanation of how to really get the CFont object you thought you were going to get in your control.

I usually give kudos to a company or individual by saying if I'm going to say something bad when something bad happens, I should say something good when something good happens. Unfortunately, this is of the first variety... a bad experience with a cheap-o fan on a 3G video card in a $1K workstation.

Microsoft has released a patch for the WMF Exploit reported on 01/03/2006

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