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All About Me

You've reached the 'All About Me' page for a trio of Web locales owned, authored, and maintained by Dave Campbell.

WynApse.com is the primary site I use for posting original material about web development, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and now Windows 8 Metro. As you can see from the menu on the left, it is heavily invested with WPF/E and Silverlight 1 material.

My blog is located at WindowsDevNews, I still echo a link of my blog posts to my old "Silverlight Cream" blog because of the folks that are following it there.

SilverlightCream.com is a site that contains a searchable database of all the articles blogged about since June of 2007.

WindowsDevNews.com is now my primary site for link aggregation. My blog is contained on that site as well, as is a searchable database of articles posted since November 2011. The difference from SilverlightCream is that WindowsDevNews will allow and hopefully attract more WinRT/Metro/Windows 8 postings. I cross-post the links to the database at SilverlightCream too.

What is a 'WynApse'

Now and again someone will ask of the origin of the name WynApse, ao I thought I'd share that here.

Back in the Windows 3.0/3.1 days, prior to Visual Studio, I had some shareware I was getting ready to sell, and needed a company name. In those days, Windows was an application that ran on your DOS machine like any other app. We then had DOS apps and we had Windows apps. As with so many other things, developers began calling them "DOS apps" and "Win apps". Since I was writing "Win apps", I took a play on that phrase and the word 'Synapse', and WynApse was born. I have a DBA filed for that name. I've been using it since about 1982, and it has almost become synonymous with my name, with people referring to me as 'WynApse', sometimes even in my presence.


I have a presence on Twitter with my personal account, @WynApse,

One for Windows Dev News, @WindowsDevNews

And one for Silverlight information, @SilverlightNews
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