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Appending Item data to the end of an RSS 2.0 feed

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When I was outlining this site, I knew I wanted to put up an RSS feed. I have some I read regularly, so I knew what I wanted to include.

I like the ability to insert html into the item description so that I can control formatting such as color and line breaks. I had alreadyfigured out what namespaces I needed to include by looking at other's rss, and building the xml by hand was no problem, obviously.

The perceived need

As with most one-off coding jobs, a perceived need preceeds the effort, and I thought it might be nice to have a tool to write the new iteminformation into my rss feed for me. I should be able to point to an xml file, enter appropriate fields, push a button and have the xml file updated, ready to ftp.

The search

I figured someone had to have a tool or class to do this, and searched off and on for a while looking. I found many good sites which I have referenced at the end, but all built the xml file from scratch, some even from a database. I didn't want to do that... I simply wanted to add onto the endof the current one.So, armed with the tools of my search, I crafted a web page to modify my rss feed:

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