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Random VS2005 Tips

This is a random collection of small items I've dealt with while making changes to my site, and thought I'd list them, and maybe just continue adding on as I come across things.

Renaming aspx Files

I'm not sure if this was the same in VS2003, but in 2005 if you rename an aspx file in the Solution Explorer, you have two other places to deal with as well:

  • The "Inherits" tag of the aspx file header must be changed to match
  • The Partial Class name must match as well
I had trouble with both of these today and it took me a bit to realize that's what the problem was.

Problems with Publishing and ftp

I was having trouble with publishing a site and getting the DLLs to match the aspx files. It seemed they were always out of sync with each other and even though the builds were running fine, there was a problem or a disconnect.

I finally identified the problem as having WS_FTP open to the site. For some reason, that was keeping the files from being populated in the publish area.
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