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First Three Silverlight Pages

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I have a list of links at the bottom of this page for anyone wishing to learn what Silverlight is, and/or follow along with my investigations back when I did the WPF/E QuickStart in December, 2006.

I've decided to work my way through the WPF/E QuickStart that comes with the SDK, and as long as I'm doing the tutorials, I figured I'd upload them.

It strikes me that I'm going to have to put up a different "Center Content" page for WPF/E files if I'm going to continue to use this as I have because the content I read from the database just gets inserted as HTML in a div, it's not an entire page. That may prove to be a challenge, but for now I'm just going to link out to the HTML pages.

This first set of three gets me through all of the QuickStart except for the "Sample Controls" section. I've made a small investigation into it to figure out links so I could link the pages together, but that's it.

Page 01

The first page, Page 01 covers the "get started" section of the QuickStart and the first 3 parts of the "basics" section.

I played around with all the objects in the QuickStart, but did not take any side excursions. I modified some things by using opacity or gradients from the examples, and before posting, I went back and added in mouse events on each object that displays the xaml for that object.

Other than playing around with canvas locations and the mouse properties, everything was straightforward. I did pull from the "animation and interactivity" section to place a link to page 2 on this page.

Page 02

The second page, Page 02 covers images and text from the "basics" section. I pulled the curved graphic from Page 01, and clipped it to test clipping, then used an RSS icon to play with placement and stretching of images.

Again, I used hyperlinks to the first and third pages.

Page 03

The third page, Page 03 was the most trying so far. The video is one I received in email this week, and placing it on the page was the simplest part. I overlayed the media with the oval from Page 01, and then decided I wanted to clip the video to the oval like an old-time TV. This turned out to be not an exact science, but wasn't all that bad.

Since the page had animation of a sort on it, I decided I wanted to try my hand at something moving around, so I did the standard ball moving left to right. I added an animated brush to it so it fades to white. Then I thought it would be simple to add one coming from right to left, and that was a bit of a challenge.

The crossing lines was just an investigation into animating things in all four directions.

I put in the 3 video controls from the QuickStart, and used them to also control the other animations. One difference is I can pause the animation, but unless I missed it somewhere, there's no 'play', just a 'begin', so once you pause the animation, the only option is to restart it, making pause and stop about the same with regards to the animation.

WPF/E Links

There is a list on my blog on the left sidebar, that I will keep updated, and the latest of everything in the Silverlight section on the right sidebar.

The WPF Blog with very cool examples and discussion

Mike Harsh's Blog

WPF at Microsoft netfx3.com, seems down, but it had been up, possibly a temporary circumstance

WPF/E Examples on Mike Schwarz's Blog

Tutorials at ASP Alliance

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