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Since there are still people having trouble getting Silverlight installed on their machines, I thought I'd aggregate some links here.

The best authority on this is obviously to go to Silverlight.net forum, and if you can't find what you need in a search, then post a question because people from the Silverlight Team read and answer questions there.

My problem

In the off-chance that someone finds this post that might not have experience with Silverlight.net, I'll relate the problems I had and resources I used to resolve them

The biggest problem I had was that I had WPF/E installed on my laptop, and at MIX I could not get Silverlight 1.0 installed. I was not happy about that, and nothing the team tried then or over the next few days helped and I pretty much gave up.

I knew eventually I'd need to get it working, but waited until my Desert Code Camp III presentation. At that point, I hauled out the laptop and hit the forums. I'll list the ones here that I used, and they are in no particular order. The only obvious order may be to make sure you don't have remnants of an old install prior to going out of your way to install the new one.


This link has some registry information that might bear investigating.

This link once again has some registry information, plus links to other sites.

This link is to a shorter thread with some more links.

And finally this thread has a bunch of discussion and below a really long logging list, thee's a post by Daniel Harvey that discusses hand installing using the installer. This is what finally got me going.

After Install

Once you do have Silverlight installed, be sure to check out Tim Heuer's Version Test site to make sure you've got what you want running.

Who knows, these links may be enough, but I'll stress again posting on the forum. Getting help direct from the team is best if you're problem is really difficult to resolve!
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