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<SL2Tooltip Number="001" Text="TextDecoration" />


I'm not (yet) a WPF developer, and am just barely a SL2 developer, so when I looked at the Intellisense for a <Button>, and I saw TextDecoration, inquiring minds wanted to know what that could be.

There's half a gazillion options, variables, and whatnot for Buttons and all the controls, but I figured I need to put a stake in this sucker somewhere and see where it leads me :) So I cracked open the help files in the SDK and drilled down to Controls->ControlLibrary->Button.

Under Reference, I found the ButtonBase class, under which I found ButtonBase Members.

Holy crap... that's the mother lode of Methods (42), Fields (4), Properties (55), and Events (13) ... wow!

Scroll back to Properties, because near the bottom is "TextDecorations", and clicking on it takes me to ContentControl.TextDecorations and I read that it is a Property Value of type System.Windows.TextDecorationCollection ... getting closer.

From that I find the TextDecoractionCollection class which we maybe could have guessed at earlier, but then you wouldn't have seen all this fun ratting around :)

Under Remarks you'll find, and I quote:

"A text decoration is sa visual ornament that you can add to text. In WPF, there is a set of APIs whereby you could define a custom text decoration. In Silverlight, there is one type of text decoration: Underline. The name of this object and its corresponding properties (TextDecorationCollection) is therefore a misnomor, but must remain that way for Silverlight/WPF compatibility. The TextDecorationCollection object does not support any APIs."

So there you have it... TextDecoration="Underline" or blank for not underline.

Now aren't you glad we looked all that up?

Stay in the 'Light!
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