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Silverlight 2Plus Tutorials 001 - Intro/Install


The title just about says it. I've been enamoured of Silverlight since it was WPF/E, and it's high time that I started writing here again. I don't know why so many continue to visit a site that has been relatively dormant, but I thank you, and hope to make it up to those of you that are trying to learn.


The target of this next round of tutorials are those folks trying to get started with Silverlight and wondering what all the fuss is about. If you're already familiar with Silverlight, you might want to just scan the first bunch of posts because my target is, as it's always been, the introductory material.

I'm going to make a broad assumption that the reader is probably already a developer and somewhat conversant with Visual Studio. I'm going to be using VS2008 at least until the next version comes along, but I believe the Express version will work just fine. If you are using the express version and are having problems, please write.


If you haven't done so already, go to Silverlight.net, take the "Getting Started" link at the top. On the page that comes up, under the heading "GET STARTED BUILDING SILVERLIGHT 2 APPLICATIONS", in the section marked with a 1 in a green circle, install the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio SP1 and one of the two add-ons depending upon the version of Visual Studio you're running.

You can of course install Blend, DeepZoom Composer, and the Toolkit, but I'm not going to be talking about them immediately.

I'll let you get all that going and make sure it's installed. Run mine or other people's Silverlight pages to make sure that works, and try opening a new Silverlight project in Visual Studio to ensure that's all installed.

If you have any problems with any of that, send me an email.

Then What

While you're making sure you're setup, I'll be working on trying to explain what you're going to see when you open a new Silverlight project in Visual Studio.

If you're totally new to Silverlight, or haven't spent a lot of time ratting it out on the web, here's some links for you to check out:

The Silverlight.net Community Page has blogs by the big guys and community feeds from the rest of us.

The database at SilverlightCream has just under 2800 blog entries as of this writing. Use the search capability to find bloggers writing in a way you understand, or about the subjects you like, then watch their blog.

Check out My blog, where I post the SilverlightCream blog posts, and when you produce something, submit it to SilverlightCream, and I'll blog about it in a 'Cream post.

If you're on Twitter, follow SilverlightNews to get updates as I'm gathering material for a 'Cream post.

Most of all, don't be afraid to ask questions of me or any of the other bloggers. We like to know people are out there, and we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't want to help!

No code this time, just information and explanation. Next time we get into it :)

Stay in the 'Light

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