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Outlook Doesn't Open Fix

The Problem

I'm up earlier than I've been lately and trying to do some stuff, and going through email, all of a sudden Outlook is hung. So I closed it, and when I re-opened it, all I get is the taskbar button looking like it's open, but it's not.


I try a reboot, oh… and of course Windows wanted to do a couple updates… shrug, did that have anything to do with Outlook not working? Dunno…

After a reboot, no dice on running Outlook.

The Caveat

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Outlook 2010 … your mileage may vary

The Solution

Next I hit the search engines.

I found a couple places that talked about profiles in the registry. I saved the folder with a different name instead of nuking it, and what it planned on doing was cranking up Outlook as if I'd never run it.

So I deleted the new 'Profiles' key it had produced, and named mine back. I figured I'd keep that in my pocket for a last resort.

I do nightly backups and all my pst files are backed up on my NAS, but still, setting up all that is painful.

Meanwhile my personal morning time is slipping away fast.

Finally I found this YouTube video:

Microsoft Outlook runs but main window won't open

I don't know who mrmartymac (the uploader) is, but after following the first couple ideas and getting Outlook back, I immediately made a local copy of the video in case it goes away.


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