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Resetting VS without losing your settings (or hair)

If you're like me, you have a peculiar relationship with the arrangement of your Visual Studio toolbars that you setup and are comfortable with. I also have a couple keystrokes defined, and inside an add-in, I have a color change for 'found' text. It's very frustrating when Visual Studio 'takes a hit' ... whatever that means, and you lose all your settings.

No Red Squigglies

A couple weeks ago, I was building a new module, and noticed pretty quickly that I was not getting the "Red Squigglies" under things that I had to Ctrl-. setup a using for. As itturns out, it was stuff I was familiar with and didn't need the intellisense to continue typing, but then I'd get compile errors. Was I also missing Intellisense? I can't rememberbut it's possible.

So what made those go away, and do I really want to do a web search for "Red Squigglies" to find out how to get them back?

I ultimately found a page with a lot of things to 'try' to get things working, and realized there was a built-in solution to all the above.

First ...Save Your Settings

Execute the following steps to save your settings:

1) In the Tools menu, scroll down and select "Import and Export Settings..."

2) Then at this point in the process, select "Export selected environment settings"

3) I've looked through this next screen, and decided that taking the "All Settings" and defaults would work, and it appeared to do what I wanted:

4) I took the defaults on this one:

5) Annnnnd... you're done!

If all you wanted to do was protect yourself from a hit... you can go back to your regularly scheduled programming and smile knowing you won't have to go through allthat cussing and re-arrangement stuffola again.

Just scroll down to near the end and read how to import your settings and you'll be golden!

6) If, however, you need to get your 'squigglies' back, or need to repair something, then go back to the beginning and select "Reset all settings":

7) Note that this next screen saves the settings... so if you're needing to do a fix, you can just start at this point, because it mirrors the screeshots above:

8) Now we're back into VS setup... just like you did when you cranked it up the first time... because you told it to reset:

9) And it magically takes you into the import so you can bring in the settings you saved:

10) Choose "No. just import new settings. overwriting my current settings" ... trust me :)

11) Pick the settings you saved out:

12) This is the default... took that with no problems ... twice so far:

13) And there you go... good as new:

That is all

Just thought I'd share this since the couple people I've talked to about this didn't know you could save all those settings out and get them back this easy.

I'm already working on the code for the next XAMLConverters episode, so watch for that, and...

Stay in the Light!

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