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C# Articles and Discussion

I removed the clutter from the right-hand sidebar of my MasterPage by using Metabuilders ExpandingButtons control.

Getting Server-Side code to conditionally format an ItemTemplate in a DataList is much harder to say than do.

After getting the BlogRoll working, it became obvious I needed a way to retain and retrieve links to articles, so I added a Tag Cloud to my site.

I wanted to get rid of the Event= sort of urls for my site and finally implemented UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewrite on my site. Since my pages are formatted a little out of the ordinary I guess, I had to play with the setup to make it work.

Resolution of a Problem between Main and sub-applications on a single domain on a shared server where the main application has DLLs registered that the sub-applications do not.

I wanted a 'Daily news' Blog page, and the Blog Roller that I liked was removed, so I wrote my own using Dmitry's RssToolKit from Codezone. Read about it here.

A running collection of tips and hints taken from my experimentation and debugging. No huge revelations, but might save you a few minutes.

A Web form solution to appending item tags to an rss 2.0 xml stream. Includes opening and reading the xml file using XmlDocument and creating new elements using namespaces.

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