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General Coding Discussion

I usually give kudos to a company or individual by saying if I'm going to say something bad when something bad happens, I should say something good when something good happens. Unfortunately, this is of the first variety... a bad experience with a cheap-o fan on a 3G video card in a $1K workstation.

Even though HP told me I couldn't install my JetDirect 300X to connect to my old LaserJet printer in Windows 8.x, I figured out a path to do so, and maybe it will help someone else.

If you ever have Visual Studio lose it's mind and all your settings at once, and after you cuxx and complain you still have to put things back... you'll want to read this post!

Installing free software is always a crap-shoot, some time you get good stuff and sometimes the dragon wins. Read my latest experience.

My first foray into writing an Office Addin, and since I found and am using Addin-Express, I thought I should tell everyone else about it as well. Read on to see how to build an Office addin much easier than you think.

When I opened Outlook this morning, it appeared to be there but wasn't displaying. I found many caustic solutions, but then found a great answer in a YouTube video

Every now and then, ripping a CD, or importing older LP information into the Zune application will mixup tracks. I'm sharing an easy solution to remedy that problem

I found myself stuck, unable to install the latest Silverlight bits on my workstation because I couldn't install .NET 3.5 SP1, and I tracked that down to it's source, all good information. If you've ever needed to figure this out, read on.

When I was looking at how to upload large blocks of data into SQL Server, I was pointed at DTS. I found some good sites for explaining how I should accomplish my task, and even though I've considered adding to that body of knowledge, I've avoided it. One thing I didn't read, however, was that using DTS was unsecure, and the DTS Packages should NOT be retained on the server... OOPS!

I finally went over the 10 blog entry, and the simple fix that I put into tBlogger way back in February jumped up and bit me. This is a very small fix, but could save someone some time digging through unfamiliar files.

I've been reading Allen Jones' "C# Programmer's Cookbook" and trying some of the code as I go. I had so much 'fun' figuring out how to sign an assembly with a strong name, I figured it might be worth a mention here.

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