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Silverlight Tooltips

Fighting a problem I've had for quite a while with my home workstation, I crippled the Silverlight logo and only allow it to rotate twice per page refresh, and the problem seems to have cleared up. Read on to see what I'm talking about.

While not necessarily a Silverlight issue, since many of us are using WebServices to talk to our Silverlight, this might end up saving you a bit of debug time.

Looking at the vast array of parameters available on a Button, I focused in on TextDecoration and spent a few minutes figuring out what that was and was not.

When I layout a new Silverlight canvas, there''s a couple things I do to make that job a bit easier. I thought I''d share those, and possible they will benefit someone else as well :)

The best way of figuring out a good tooltip is one that either saves me a bunch of time or comes to light after I waste a bunch of time trying to figure out what simple thing I'm missing. This one falls in the latter category :(

I''ve gotten some email about install issues. The forum is a great place to figure those out, but I've aggregated a few of the more popular links there for figuring out how to get Silverlight installed on your system

The Visibility/Opacity question seems to come up a lot, and they can be used somewhat interchangeablly if you are aware of the subtle differences in their use

A suggestion for tooltip canvas handling to help ease the pain of continually manipulating values, or dealing with visibility issues.

A possibly obvious, but nevertheless useful method of retaining the mainCanvas object at canvas load time resolves two possible needs for it later.

This is the first of a series of more light-weight single-point articles I'm calling Silverlight Tooltips. This first one addresses the StrokeThickness 1 situation discussed previously here and in the forum

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